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Q - Which web browsers support the IBC website?

A - PC Browsers: Netscape 4.7+, Internet Explorer 5.0+, AOL 5.0+, and AOL 6.0
Mac Browsers: Netscape 4.7+, Internet Explorer 5.0+ and AOL 5.0+
This Website has not been tested with Netscape 6.0

Q - What screen resolution should I view this website?

A - The IBC Website was designed to be viewed at 800 x 600 screen resolution.

Q - Where can I purchase IBC products?

A - Opens in a new windowClick here to see a list of stores which sell IBC products.

Q - Where can I obtain the latest information on your contest and /or a copy of the rules?

A - Click on "Games and Contest" or call 1-800-570-6620

Q - How do you read the date codes on IBC?

A - On the neck of the bottle you will find 4 numbers and three letters (i.e. 0101FTW). 0 = the year it was produced, 101 = the day of the year it was produced and FTW = the facility in which it was produced.

Q - What does IBC stand for?

A - Independent Breweries Company. Click on History of IBC for additional information.

Q - What is the shelf life of IBC?

A - Regular product: 12 months or 52 weeks, Diet product: 9 months or 39 weeks.

Q - Are bottles refundable/ recyclable?

A - Bottles are refundable for deposit in the states indicated on the Bottle.

Q - Where do you redeem winning bottle caps?

A - Call 1-800-570-6620
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