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The History of IBC Root Beer

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In 1986 Dr. Pepper Company purchased Seven-up, and moved it to Dallas, TX. IBC Root Beer became available nationwide and has enjoyed phenomenal success virtually everywhere it is distributed. IBC Root Beer quality was upheld through the years by retaining its original, secret formula and authentic brown glass bottle. Cadbury Schweppes acquired by Dr. Pepper/Seven-up Companies, Inc. in March 1995, making IBC a brand of Cadbury Schweppes plc of London.

Today, the tradition of the original, old fashioned 1919 taste is carried on in every Bottle of our famous IBC soft drinks. The unique, old time glass bottle makes IBC Root Beer, IBC Diet Root Beer, IBC cream Soda, IBC Black Cherry and IBC Cherry Cola stand out and all other Soft Drinks. IBC Truly is... Still the Best

What happened in year 1919?

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